No business is immune from the growing threat of cyberattacks. In fact, nearly half of these attacks target small and medium businesses. Understanding the threats your business is facing can help you prepare a proper defence.

Malware Attacks

Malware refers to any malicious software that can take root in your computer network. This includes viruses, Trojan Horse attacks, worms and ransomware. Once on your computer, they can steal or corrupt your data, block access to your system, and spread to other computers on your networks or those of your clients, partners, and other contacts.

You can help protect against malware attacks by installing a robust anti-virus program that scans websites, incoming emails, and other common sources. However, you should also have a strict policy to “look before you click.” Malware often enters a system through links in an email or on pop-up ads that employees may absentmindedly click on thinking they have come from a trusted source.

Password Attacks

If a hacker gains your log-in information, he has full access to your system. Common methods of acquiring passwords include:

  • Brute-force attacks, trying common words such as names.
  • Dictionary attacks, systematically working through databases such as the dictionary.
  • Key logging attacks, recording key strokes to steal passwords.

Complex and frequently changed passwords can reduce the risk of your system being hacked by a password attack. Passwords shouldn’t include common words, and should have a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Multi-factor authentication using password and other methods, such as biometrics, can also thwart these attacks.

Denial of Service

Denial of Service attacks are increasingly common and can take down networks for hours or even days. These attacks work by flooding the system with information, typically from multiple computers and locations, causing the system to shut down or be unable to handle legitimate traffic. Monitoring and keeping security software up to date are your best defenses for this attack.

Hackers are constantly changing their methods to try to find new ways to attack your network. By knowing what types of threats exist, you can take the steps to avoid becoming a victim. A multi-layered security system for your computer network can help keep cyber criminals at bay.

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